Affordable Housing Resources

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If you’re looking for affordable housing, the lists and websites provided below may be a good place to start. Click a section below to learn more about each resource.

Please keep in mind: in the City of Chicago — and across the nation — there is a great demand for affordable housing. And while the demand is great, the number of available units is limited.

Note: If you’re currently living in a unit that participates in the Trust Fund’s Rental Subsidy Program, and are experiencing issues with your unit, please contact your property manager directly to resolve the issue.

Trust Fund Properties

There are approximately 600 Rental Subsidy Program properties that participate in our program. The subsidy is tied to the unit, as we are a “property-based program”.

Please know that, due to the high need, there are few vacancies in Trust Funded units. Also, there are income and other requirements you must meet in order to live in a property that participates in the Trust Fund’s Rental Subsidy Program. Read about income limits.

If you meet the income requirements and are interested in a property that you see listed in this report, you should:

  1. Visit that property in person
  2. Contact the property manager and ask, “Do you have a vacant Trust Funded unit?”   If none, ask the property manager if there is a waiting list.   (Please understand, the Trust Fund is unable to fund new subsidies, you would be seeking a unit where the previous household moved out.)
  3. If there are vacancies, you will apply directly to the building and complete any applications required by the property — for example, income verification forms.

When you are a tenant in a property that participates in the Trust Fund’s RSP, your relationship is with the building and the property manager, not the Trust Fund.

Chicago Renters Rights
Click the link HERE to view the Chicago renting rights.
Affordable Rental Housing Resources List

For the Affordable Rental Housing Resources list maintained by the City of Chicago, visit the City of Chicago Affordable Rental Housing Resources page.

Illinois Housing Search Website

On the Illinois Housing Search website, you can filter your search to look for properties that participate in affordable housing programs. Visit the Illinois Housing Search website.

The Trust Fund does not have a relationship with the Illinois Housing Search website and this website is provided as a resource only.

Homeless Assistance & Prevention
  • Emergency Housing. Dial 311 to contact the City of Chicago, and ask for “shelter or services”. 311 will connect you to the social services team at the Department of Family & Support Services.
  • Homeless Assistance. Dial 311 to contact the City of Chicago, and ask for “Short Term Help”. 311 will connect you to the Homelessness Prevention Call Center, which will assess your options for financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utility and other needs.
  • Chicago Housing Options is a tool for individuals and families to identify what resources are available today. Complete the survey tool for a listing of opportunities for those who are homeless and at-risk of homelessness.
  • Community Service Centers. Chicago Department of Family & Support Services is a key player in Chicago’s effort to end homelessness. DFSS services include prevention, outreach, shelter and housing programs and supportive services.
  • Veterans Services drop-in centers are available to any person who served in the active military who is experiencing homelessness, open Monday through Friday, from 9am – 5pm.  See the locations here.
Energy Assistance Resources

Visit to learn more about energy assistance.

Other Tenant Resources

Housing Information

Legal Assistance

Senior Services

City of Chicago, 312-744-4016

Domestic Violence Services

24-hour Hotline, 877-863-6338

Employment Resources